Proteomics - PAPPSO (GQE-Le Moulon)

Proteomics - PAPPSO (GQE-Le Moulon)

GQE-Le Moulon – Gif-sur-Yvette

GQE-Le Moulon


  • Protein identification and quantification by mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)
  • Identification and quantification of posttranslational modifications by mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS)
  • Development of bio-informatics tools and softwares for proteomics data analysis (peptide and protein identification, quantification, statistics)
  • Trainings of users and collaborators in the use of the bioinformatics tools developed by PAPPSO


Mass spectrometers (LC-MS / MS):
  • Orbitrap Fusion Lumos tribrid (Thermo, acquired in December 2015, first installed in France), coupled to a nanoUPLC (Ultimate RSLCnano 3000, Thermo)
    > Characterization of multiple post-translational modifications
  • Qexactive-Plus (Thermo), coupled to a nanoUPLC (nanoLC-Ultra 2D Eksigent)
    > Analysis of complex protein mixtures (identification and quantification) or determination of post-translational modifications
  • LTQ Orbitrap, coupled to a nanoUPLC (Ultimate RSLCnano 3000, Thermo)
    > Analysis for identification and quantification of protein mixtures
  • LTQ-XL, coupled to a nanoUPLC (EASY-nLC 1000, Thermo)
    > Identification on 2D spots or SDS-PAGE bands
Sample preparation:
  • Digestion robot for in-gel hydrolysis of proteins (Progest, Genomic Solution)
  • Two chromatographic systems for the separation of proteins / peptides before the LC-MS / MS analysis:
    - Low pressure system (FPLC ÄKTA Purifier, Amersham)
    - High Pressure System (HPLC Ultimate, Dionex)

Platform manager


Moulon site:
Michel Zivy
Scientist-in-charge (Moulon)
Head of the PAPPSO platform
01 69 33 23 65
> Plant biology

Moulon site :
UMR Génétique Quantitative et Evolution – Le Moulon
Ferme du Moulon
91190 Gif sur Yvette

Jouy-en-Josas site
Véronique Monnet
Scientist-in-charge (Jouy)
Vice-head of the PAPPSO platform
01 34 65 21 49
> Bacterial proteomic analysis including cell-wall and membrane proteome / Peptidomics

Jouy site :
Bâtiment 526
Domaine de Vilvert
78352, Jouy en Josas cedex

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