Higher Education

Higher Education

The members of the Saclay Plant Sciences (SPS) network are involved in about 12,000 hours of Teaching and Training per year and train engineers, researchers and high-level scientists in plant sciences.

Master biologie

The SPS network provides educational structures in plant sciences unique in France. SPS members teach different topics mostly in plant biology, genetics and biotechnologies including genomics, integrative biology and physiology (seed biology and reproduction, genome structure and expression, cell division and differentiation, hormone biosynthesis and response, ...) but also industrial and nutritional uses of plant products.

Teaching (2023-2024)


Engineering School  (AgroParisTech)

Engineering specializations (equivalent to the 5th year of university) :

Master (Université Paris-Saclay)

Graduate School « Biosphera » (Biology, Society, Ecology & Environment, Resources, Agriculture & Food Systems) 

Master Plant Sciences
  • M2 Plant Sciences – Research program or Professional program preparing to work in a company (Innovation for Quality and Plant Products)

Website of the Plant Sciences Master program (M1 and M2)

Doctoral schools (Université Paris-Saclay)


Biologie végétale

The SPS laboratories welcome about two hundred students per year in internship or in PhD position.

Partner universities

Partenaires Formation

SPS and Université Paris-Saclay

The Saclay Plant Sciences network (SPS) is one of the actors in the development of Université Paris-Saclay, particularly in plant sciences.

Students' testimonials

Plant Sciences Master 2 program - Research track

Some testimonials from the students of the class of 2020-2021...

What is a PhD thesis ?

The PhD students from the Saclay Plant Sciences network tell you all about it...

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