Provided services

Provided services

Training and provided services : a scientific and technical knowledge

High-tech resources available for industrial companies
Prestation en imagerie

The scientific platforms services

SPS platforms provide partnership services in imaging, cytology, chemistry, metabolomics, biochemistry and genomics.

If you wish to use a platform, obtain some technical assistance, or benefit from a special offer, please see the platform pages of the website and contact the platform manager.

Plant culture – Rental of greenhouses and controlled growth chambers

Culture en quarantaine

You would like to grow plants or plant pathogens in controlled conditions with S2 or S3 bio-safety levels. The plant culture areas of SPS are spread over three sites: Versailles, Orsay and Gif-sur-Yvette.

To rent a greenhouse or use a service, please see the plant culture pages of the website and contact the platform manager.

Biological resources

SPS includes a biological resources center in Versailles :

Centres de ressources biologiques

This biological resources center provide the academic and industrial scientific community with chemically induced mutants and natural accessions. To know more…

Individualized training

You can ask for a special training for your company. Contact us.

WARNING : we need several months to organize a special training.

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