Hire an expert

Hire an expert

Find high scientific level experts in plant science but also executives with corporate culture.

The SPS members are involved in about 12,000 hours of Teaching and Training per year and train engineers, researchers and high-level scientists in the field of plant science.

Fields of expertise

Plant protection, food, cosmetics, health, biotechnology, agronomy, environment, agrochemicals, research and development, seeds, crop protection, scientific and technology watch, bio-energy, green chemistry and remediation.

Etudiant en Sciences du Végétal

Hire a scientific expert

You can hire a scientific executive at the end of the research or professional Master course.

Students from specialized training in plant sciences can work in research and development, expertise, consulting, certification, technical sales, technical development, education, marketing, scientific communication, science and technology watch, etc.

Welcome students in internship

Students have to take a three-month internship in a company or a laboratory during the first year of the Master course (Master 1) and a six-month internship during the second year (Master 2). Visit the "Higher Education" page for the training provided by SPS.

Hire a PhD student

Companies, you can hire a PhD student to work on a research and development topic.

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