SPS Scholarships for master students

SPS Scholarships for master students

Academic year 2024-2025

The Saclay Plant Sciences network (SPS, www.saclayplantsciences.fr) offers scholarships for the best and most motivated students enrolled in the teaching programs in its perimeter.

The teaching programs in the SPS perimeter are:
- "Plant Science" program of the Integrative Biology and Physiology Master's degree (M1 and/or M2) (Université Paris-Saclay, Université Paris Cité),
- "Plant and Microbial molecular Biology - PMB" program of the Integrative Biology and Physiology Master’s degree (M1) (Université Paris-Saclay),
DA AgroParisTech BIOTECH : Biologie et biotechnologies pour la santé et les productions microbiennes ou végétales,
DA AgroParisTech PISTv : Produire et innover dans les systèmes techniques végétaux,
DA AgroParisTech PPE : Protection des plantes et environnement,
- “European Master in Biological and Chemical Engineering for a Sustainable Bioeconomy – Bioceb” (M1 and/or M2) (Please note that students receiving Erasmus Mundus support are not eligible for the SPS Scholarships).

General information

Up to 12 scholarships will be allocated each year.

The successful candidates will receive1:
- in M1: 8000 euros
- in M2 or DA: 6000 euros (to which will be added the internship stipends)

The students who are awarded a SPS scholarship in the M1 “Plant Sciences” or “Plant and Microbial molecular Biology” or “Bioceb” programs and who are accepted in the M2 “Plant Sciences” or “Bioceb” programs will automatically be awarded the scholarship in M2.

Note for foreign students:

The Université Paris-Saclay (UPSaclay) has an International Master’s Scholarship Program reserved for excellent foreign students entering France and accepted in one of the Master’s programs of the Université Paris-Saclay. This UPSaclay Scholarship Program is different from the SPS Scholarships detailed above on this page.

If eligible for the UPSaclay International Master’s Scholarship Program2 and based on excellence criteria, some candidates accepted in the “Plant Sciences” program of Integrative Biology and Physiology master’s degree will be proposed for a Université Paris-Saclay Scholarship by the coordinators of the master’s program.

To be considered for the UPSaclay International Master’s Scholarship Program, foreign candidates should, therefore, apply to the Master’s program of their choice before April 15th, 2024 (midnight).

The Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarship and the SPS Scholarship for master students cannot be cumulated. Foreign students wishing to apply for a SPS Scholarship are encouraged to do so. However, if they are selected under the UPSaclay International Master’s Scholarship Program, their application to the SPS Scholarships will not be considered.


1) To be eligible for the SPS Scholarships, students must apply to one of the teaching programs in the SPS perimeter (see above).

2) Students can apply for the SPS Scholarships before receiving a response from the teaching programs. However, only students accepted to one of these programs will then be considered for the SPS Scholarships.

3) Acceptance of a SPS Scholarship commits the students the following conditions with regard to the internship they carry out during the current academic year: 
- M1: internship within SPS laboratory network OR internship outside the Hexagon including overseas OR internship in a private company
- M2 Research: internship within the SPS laboratory network
- M2 Professional or DA: no condition

Application procedure

1) Apply to one of the teaching programs listed above

2) Apply for the SPS Scholarship by clicking on the button below:

The application consists of a single PDF file containing:
1- A cover letter justifying:
- the choice of this teaching program in the frame of the applicant’s career project and
- the importance of the scholarship for enrollment in the teaching program.
2- One to two reference letters (any application without a reference letter will not be considered).
3- The transcripts of your marks for all your years of study after your bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), as well as your rank for the current year and the previous year (if the transcripts do not indicate it).

Call schedule

Session 1: open to M1 candidates of foreign nationality
- applications to be submitted online before March 14, 2024 (midnight).
- answers sent at the beginning of April.

Session 2: open to M1 candidates (any nationality)
- applications to be submitted online before April 30, 2024 (midnight).
- Answers sent around May 21.

Session 3: open to M2 or DA or M1 PMB candidates
- applications to be submitted online before May 22, 2024 (midnight).
- answers sent mid-June.

WARNING: This does not replace your application to the teaching program, it is only for the SPS Scholarship.

1 This scholarship does not include payment of registration fees.
2  See eligibility criteria on the Université Paris-Saclay website

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