Project 3: Epigenetics and non-coding RNA-mediated regulation

Project 3: Epigenetics and non-coding RNA-mediated regulation

Coordination: Martin Crespi / Hervé Vaucheret


The interplay between small RNAs and other non-coding RNAs, chromatin marks and transcription factors play a decisive role in the control of gene expression. In the last years, small RNAs have been linked to epigenetic changes and post-transcriptional regulation in a variety of differentiation processes and/or diseases in eukaryotes. The capacity of plants to adapt their growth to environmental stimuli through epigenetic modifications that could be transmitted to their progeny strengthens their use for the elucidation of these regulatory mechanisms. The major objective of this project is to understand the action of small and long non-coding RNAs in gene expression and epigenetic regulation and the dynamics of these ncRNA-mediated regulations in plants. We have modified the expression patterns of specific enzymes controlling small RNA production and we characterized potential new epigenetic targets of this mechanism through genome-wide approaches. This has deepened the analysis of the wide utility of this technology to identify new targets in agriculture. We have also identified new links between chromatin regulation and long non-coding RNAs as well as an unexpected connection with alternative splicing regulation. Hence, we provide the basis to address how the non-coding RNA repertoire and/or the RNA-linked machinery can improve the epigenetic potential of plants.


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