Project 2: Metabolic interactions and fluxes for improved plant-biomass quantity & quality

Project 2: Metabolic interactions and fluxes for improved plant-biomass quantity & quality

Coordination: Guillaume Tcherkez / Michael Hodges


Sustainable agriculture and the use of plants for biomass and green chemistry will require biochemical plant engineering to re-channel plant metabolism. These objectives are impeded by our poor understanding of metabolic steps that control complex plant metabolic networks and the lack of an integrative, dynamic view of plant metabolism. It is therefore important to identify metabolic bottlenecks to guide plant breeding and to drive genetic engineering. A major aim of this project was to provide an integrated view of interactions between plant metabolic functions like photosynthesis, photorespiration, the Krebs cycle, N-assimilation, amino acid metabolism and NAD synthesis including post-translational regulatory mechanisms and metabolic fluxes. Complementary approaches including biochemistry, recombinant protein technologies, leaf gas exchange, 13C and 15N labelling, metabolomics, phosphoproteomics, and reverse genetics were used to achieve this. Major results include: The identification of light/dark differential phosphorylations of primary metabolism enzymes including photorespiratory proteins and enzymes involved in glycolytic and alternative serine biosynthesis pathways. Evidence showing NAD biosynthesis is a process that limits plant yield. A coordinated interplay between photosynthetic and photorespiratory activities is required for plant development in air since a blocked photorespiratory cycle negatively impacts photosynthesis thus altering C-allocation and RuBisCo amounts. The presence of an alternative pathway for respiratory C-delivery via lysine synthesis and recycling that contributes to metabolic flexibility. Prospects include carrying out translational biology to provide evidence that increasing NAD biosynthesis to improve yield is applicable to crop plants and the possibility to modulate protein phosphorylation to improve photosynthetic CO2 assimilation and yield.


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Other outputs:

Patent: De Bont L., Gakière B. French Patent 14 51445 « Plantes à rendement accru et méthode d’obtention de telles plantes » (2014), extension (24 fev 2015) PCT WO2015124799 : EP3110832A1 (Europe), US20160362702 (USA)

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