Project 1: Integrative analysis of stress responses

Project 1: Integrative analysis of stress responses

Coordination: Heribert Hirt / Jean Colcombet


The project aim was to understand the molecular mechanisms occurring in time and space to control gene expression of plants in response to environmental challenges. For this purpose, we developed a phosphoproteomics pipeline to analyze signaling events in response to stress and analyzed the early events upon pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP) signaling in Arabidopsis. In the framework of the project, we could identify a large set of novel chromatin proteins that become phosphorylated in response to PAMP signaling. Several of these factors were identified as MAPK targets and further characterized in the context of PAMP-triggered immunity.


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Communications in conferences:

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Heribert Hirt – “From signaling to chromatin” – Biotic Stress Conference, Shanghai, China, August 22-24, 2017

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