Evaluation on a -1 scale of an eco-technology allowing the control of pathogenic bacteria by the biostimulation of beneficial bacteria: application to the cultivation of seed potatoes (ECOPOTATO)

SPS’innov project selected in 2012

Coordination: Yves Dessaux

Industrial partner: Comité Nord plant de pomme de terre (CNPPT) / Semences, Innovation, Protection, Recherche et Environnement (SIPRE)

Pectobacterium and Dickeya are causative bacterial pathogens of soft rot disease on tubers and blackleg disease on stem of potato plants. A partenariat between French potato producers (CNPPT-SIPRE) and academic research team Plant-bacteria intercations (Dir. D.Faure and P. Mergaert) at Gif-sur-Yvette was inititated for proposing and evaluating biocontrol approach against these pathogens. We have developped molecular tools for identifying the introduced biocontrol agent in the soil, as well as the pathogenic populations. We also evaluated the protective efficicency of the biocontrol agent in greenhouse and field assays. This project is continuing in the frame of a private-academic contract.

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