Saclay Plant’ Innov’ 2019

Saclay Plant’ Innov’ 2019

A look back at the event

The 2019 Saclay Plant’ Innov' event was held on November 14 at the Institute of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay (IPS2), on the topic “Biotic interactions and plant health”. The event gathered around 50 participants, including more than 30 members of the SPS LabEx and 12 representatives of companies.

SPS organizes Saclay Plant’ Innov' events in order to stimulate the emergence of new innovative projects by promoting interactions between its research teams and potential partners from the private sector.

This event was built on the same format as the previous occurrences. The morning started with a brief introduction describing the wide range of skills available within the SPS network. Then six SPS members presented their research in the framework of this year’s topic, about beneficial microbes for plant growth or tolerance to abiotic stresses, about the specific skills of one of the SPS laboratories, a reference for crops pathogenic fungi or about the variety of molecules that can be studied in the plant pathogen interactions for example.

After a “networking” lunch buffet, the afternoon was dedicated to B2B meetings and visits of IPS2 platforms.

Instituts Carnot

Most of the SPS teams are part of the Carnot Institutes Plant2Pro and 3BCar.

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