Online SPS Seminars: Instructions and rules

Online SPS Seminars: Instructions and rules

How to access SPS online seminars?

> Click on the conference link (sent by email to the SPS community for each seminar)
> Indicate your first name AND last name, as well as your lab (so that you can be identified by the guest, the host and the other participants) and click on "Access" (or equivalent)
> Allow the application to access your microphone and your camera

Rules to follow during the conference

> Deactivate your microphone and camera (icons at the bottom of the screen): only the guest and occasionally the host should have their microphone and camera active
> If you want to ask a question, use the Chat system integrated into the conference and the guest will choose the questions he / she wants to answer
> Even if the system might allow it, do not click on the "Next" or "Previous" buttons of the presentation slides!
> Please, wait for the talk to be over before disconnecting (it can be disturbing for the guest to see disconnections while he/she is presenting...)

Modification date: 04 February 2021 | Publication date: 28 April 2020 | By: MJS